What Is the Difference Between a Warning and an Error When Entering in a a Listing?

What Is the Difference Between a Warning and an Error When Entering in a a Listing?

Are you trying to make your listing Live, and the system isn’t letting you? There are built in alerts that connectMLS™ requires you to review first before you can make your listing Live to prevent errors or bad data to be entered into the database. Click on ‘fix this” and the system will take you to that exact error or warning.


If an Error is displayed in red, you must review the error and fix it before you can make the listing live. These errors are typically indicating a blank field or inaccurate data being entered.


If a Warning is displayed in blue, you are strongly encouraged to review the issue before you can make the listing live. These types of warning could be as simple as the listing date is in the past and the system is trying to prevent an excessive number of days on market.

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